Wednesday, September 24, 2014

From Our Farms To Your Families

Autumn  is  here !  Back  to  school, shorter  days , cooler  nights, boots, sweaters, pumpkins  and  yes, football. You  can  rely  on  your  certified  farmers  markets  for  healthy  food  for  your  family. Whether  it's  packing  your  kids  lunch, preparing  a  wholesome  meal  or  whipping  up  your  game  day  favorites, it's all  here.  Choose  locally  grown  ingredients  to  prepare  your  snacks, or  pick  up  our  ready-made  specialty  foods, like  hummus, BBQ , tamales, salsas, kettle corn , peanut  brittle , pastries, all  kinds  of  nuts, jams  and  dips.  And  of  course  holiday  shopping  is  just  around  the  corner.  Visit  our  talented  artists  for  unique, quality  one-of-a-kind  pieces  of  jewelry, wood crafts, metal  sculptures  &  more.  All  of  our  farmers  and  artists  live  right  here  in  your  very  own  neighborhoods, so  you  are  not  only  getting  a  great  price , you  are  supporting  folks  in  your  own  community.  You  are  the  special  ingredient  that  makes  your  certified  farmers  markets  so  successful.  Thank  you  for  your  support !

Thursday, May 22, 2014

From our family farms to your families

Here  comes  summer !  The  beaches , the  mountains , weddings  , graduations, cook  outs  and  family  vacations . Remember  your  farmers  markets  are  here  for  all  of  your  needs . Gifts  for  grads, flowers  for  your  weddings  &  our  amazing  artisans'  handcrafts  for  all  of  those  special  occasion  presents. Add  in  all  of  the  freshest  fruits, vegetables, gourmet  foods, seeds  and  live  plants  and  we've  got  you  covered.  PLUS, you  are  supporting  local  family owned  businesses  in  your  own  community.  Shopping  with  the  actual  farmer  and  business  owner  can  really  add  that  personal  touch  &  shave  dollars  off  of  costs.  Most  will  gladly  fill  custom  orders  &  special  requests. We  thank  you  for  your  continued  support.  Have  a  fantastic  summer  and  we'll  see  you  at  your farmers  markets !